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Creatures from the Deep

I heard The cannons, the Choppers and the octopus.

I saw the octopus and the submarines heading into the octopus s cave.

I felt the Sea Spray and the Choppers.

I tasted the vomit coming up but i kept it in my mouth.

I Wondered Esther octopus would Rise.

Writing blog post

My goal is I can write content relevant to the task I can support my ideas with detail
What is my next learning step right 2 full Pages


At dance I enjoyed the the cha cha
I have been challenged by the hip hop cross turn
I have surprised myself by some of the moves
I learnt all the dances
 I found out I was a good dancer
I would now like to do hip hop

Term 1 2017 Goal Review and Next Steps

Term 1 2017 Goal Review and Next Steps
Name:Marshall tomkinson

Parent Goal(s)
Strategies I can use are:

  • Leadership
  • Continue his interest in IT

Stuck poster

Student Goal(s)
Strategies I can use are:

To be in the top groups for math
Reading + writing

Fouks on my work

Multicultural Week

This week I have participated actively in a range of learning experience around ‘Multicultural Week’

WHAT: I was involved in a range of learning experiences for Multicultural week. I learned how chopsticks to pick up jelly beans and marbles. Russia has 9 time zones.

I learnt about a building in Russia that was built with no nails.
I enjoyed doing chopsticks.
I was most fascinated by the dead sea in Israel.

A question I have is….
How old Israel?

Learning Plan Review

Learning Plan Review

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WALT follow the statistical enquiry cycle and conduct my own investigation


1.The most popular sport was football.
2. The least popular sport was basketball