We are learning to dance in unison to Rockin' Robin.
Student Voice - "I can do all the actions right to Rockin' Robin".


We are learning to show and talk about using our CARE values at Oaklands School.
Student Voice - " I show Community by playing well with other students". 

Writing Term 4

WALT write a recount.
We will have written about something that has already happened. We will have answered some of these questions - what,where,when,why,who? 

In the weekend I made a boat. It took me one minute to make it. I also made a truck with a trailer. 

Discovery Term 4

I thought about how to build this.
We are learning to engage in positive relationships with others and focus on developing the key competencies:
Managing self
Using language, symbols and text
Participating and contributing 
Relating to others

Marshall's mihi

Te Reo Māori Mihi

We are learning to:
  • Introduce ourselves in Te Reo Māori.
  • Communicate personal information, such as our name, parents’  names and home town in Te Reo Māori. 
To be successful we need to:
  • Speak clearly and fluently.
  • Use short simple sentences of Te Reo Māori to communicate personal information.

Term 2 Statistics

I am learning to
·     Know about graphing.

Success Criteria
·     I can get information from a graph.  

Next Step
·     To make my own graph.
Student voice
I know what a bar graph looks like

Term 2 Integrated Topic - Change.

We are learning to express our understanding of Change.
Teacher Instruction Sketch something to show what you know about change.
Teacher Question - What have you drawn to show me what you know about change?
Student Voice  - I have shown how a seed changes and turns into a tree.

Term 2 Writing

I am learning to
·     write an interesting recount.

Success Criteria
·     I have recalled an event accurately in correct sequence.

Next Step
·     To continue to add detail to my writing. 

Marshall Integrated Unit Term 1

We are learning to express our understanding of Conflict
Teacher Instruction - Draw something to show what you know about conflict.
Teacher Question - What have you sketeched  to show me what you know about conflict?
Student Voice - I have drawn about fighting over who can drive the car.