WALT: write an explanation using the correct structure of an introduction, information in paragraphs and a conclusion.

How does spit help some animals to survive?

Some animals climb trees to protect themselves.Other animals spit so that animals cannot get their lunch.

Archer fish makes a tube with its tongue. Aim!
launch lunch. Archer fish is a very good spitter.A archer fish is like  a loaded weapon.It takesoo aim and spits Jets of water at Insects to knock the insect in the water.

A cobra is a snake  that spits poisonous venom from this fangs that could even blind the predator. A cobra can spit from 1metre away.

When a llama is annoyed it will spit slimy gobs at the predator. A llama needs their own space otherwise it will spit at the human.

Spit helps some animals to survive because it is used as a loaded weapon.

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